Executive Evening and Overnight Nanny

Executive Evening and Overnight Nanny

Your children and  your home.  The two most precious things in your life.   Which is why employing a caring,  professional Nanny is crucial. 

We offer an Executive Evening and Overnight Nanny.  This is used mainly by working parents who have teenage children.  Maybe you are a professional couple, divorced or single and need to work away on business or maybe you just need some quality time away? 

We are available to care for your children at home, allowing them to maintain their routine without having to rely on family or friends.  This will give you peace of mind knowing your children and house are safe while you are away.  Executive overnight nannies can work regular hours or ad hoc.   They would normally be self employed and invoice accordingly.

Maternity Nanny

Maternity Nanny

Having a baby is a life-changing experience. It is physically and emotionally challenging. Along with the joy, many parents feel nervous about the responsibility of having a newborn to look after.

The main aim of a Maternity Nanny is to allow the mother to recuperate in those early weeks following the birth by caring for her and the newborn baby in the comfort of their own home.

This can be particularly useful after a difficult pregnancy or birth.  Our responsibilities would be to work with the parents to help with healthy routines, and parenting strategies and offer advice on nursery equipment.
A maternity nanny will work set hours, often throughout the night. 

They would normally be self employed and invoice accordingly.

Childcare and Teensitting

Childcare and Teensitting

Today’s parents are juggling more activities, obligations and work commitments than ever before. 

With life getting busier, there is one thing that can make a difference between a chaotic household and overwhelmed individual to a calm, well organised one…that's us.

Whether you need a few hours to yourself during the day to go to the gym, beauty salon or for a nice quiet lunch with friends , we would come and care for your little ones.

Maybe you have teenagers?   Does a worry free night out sound good to you?

The children think they are too old for a ‘Babysitter’ so why not employ me to come and teensit.  We would make sure they don’t throw a facebook party,  we’ll be there in case of emergencies, add extra security for the children and your home.  If you leave out some ironing we’ll even do that for you too.

Overnight service is available.

Employing a Nanny

Employing a Nanny

Do you need a nanny but don’t know where to start looking?

Online, small ads and employment agencies can all be a bit risky or daunting. There are currently no legal requirements or protection for those working in the home environment.
Therefore it is very important as a parent for you to make your decision based on a thorough interview, including identity, references check, confidentiality agreement and be aware of employment rights.  Let us support you through that process.

The professional service we offer includes visiting the clients home to meet them in person to plan their needs together.   This allows us to see the working environment for the Nanny, and where appropriate ‘live in’ facilities.

We meet each candidate personally and will undertake a provisional interview prior to arranging a meeting with the client.  

All information supplied to EPA Solihull is completely confidential.

Holiday Nanny

Holiday Nanny

Have you ever considered hiring a Holiday Nanny  to accompany you on your vacation?

If you’re torn between a well-deserved relaxing break or a fun filled family holiday, this could be the answer. From an extra pair of hands while travelling to qualified childcare when you need it most. 

Whether you need some free time to go on sightseeing expeditions, taking part in sport, or just a nice long lazy lunch during the day. 

A holiday nanny will entertain your children or keep younger ones in their bedtime routine while you go out for dinner in the evening.  Your stress free holiday starts here.

About EPA Solihull

Are you looking for good quality childcare?  Do you need to work away from home?

You need the services of EPA Solihull...

We offer a selection of services to help working professionals focus on their careers whilst knowing their children are being well cared for in the comfort of their own homes.

I have a full, clean driving licence and public viability insurance. I am first aid trained and are DBS cleared due to working with local authorities and for our volunteering activities. I have personal and professional references. I have various qualification in Child development and many years’ experience in schools and offices. Registered with and available through The Lady Magazine.

Not to mention many years of experience as a working mother!

Elaine Slatter Managing Director

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